Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Sports Club was officially launched in 1991. We are a non-academic constituent club and the Management Committee is into its 28th year running for the Academic Year 2018/19. Together with our 21 sub-clubs, we aim to deliver a rich and dynamic sporting lifestyle to NTU students and the public.


NTU Sports Club organises three national events, Surf N Sweat, Bike Rally and National Vertical Marathon, as well as annual school events, namely Sports Challenge, Sports Exposé and Sports Unlimited.


These events serve as a platform to raise our profile in NTU and our local community. Our enthusiastic and dedicated committee members play vital roles in bringing our events to greater heights each year!

[3RD ROW L-R]:


Melvin Nee Jun Shun (Business Manager), Shawn Tan Guang Rui (Business Manager), Ng Guan Wei (Senior Logistics Officer), Kong Shao Ming (Logistics Officer), Ang Jun Jie (Logistics Officer), Madeline Hia Wei Ru (Beach Event Controller), Chua Waverly (Stage Event Controller), Lim Zi Yang Sean (Main Event Controller)



[2ND ROW L-R]:


Amanda Choo Si Qi (Registration Officer), Lim Le Xuan (Registration Officer), Annabell Woon Kse Ee (Registration Officer), Fang Hanyun (Publicity Officer), Chin Hui Shan (Publicity Officer), Ang Ki Kym (Treasurer), Tay Hui Zhi (Secretary)



[1ST ROW L-R]:


Lee Zheng Hong (Co-Chairperson), Lee Wei Ling Veatrice (Co-Chairperson), Keoni Sean Foo (Chairperson), Sharmain Wee Li Ming (Co-Chairperson), How Soon Huat Douglas (Co-Chairperson), Oor Yu Wen (Senior Co-Chairperson)




Here at Surf N Sweat, we are beach lovers who love having fun out in the sun and we care for our beaches too! Beaches and oceans around the world are facing the consequences of irresponsible practices, and issues such as pollution and degradation of ocean habitats continue to plague coastal communities and precious marine wildlife today.


This year, we will be doing our part to spread awareness about environmental preservation. Join us in our mission to protect our shores by aligning your interests with our environmentally sustainable practices!


Should you or your organisation wish to collaborate with us, contact us here, we would love to hear from you!

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