Surf N Sweat

Surf N Sweat is an event in its 19th year running, and is a fun-filled beach event at Siloso Beach Sentosa filled with games and activities that people with different niches can enjoy and compete in. Be entertained by the performances on stage and enjoy a day with your friends and family!

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Results for main events have been uploaded. Do take a look at the updates section for more details.



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UPDATED! on 21/02/2014

Surf N Sweat 2014 has ended! Thank you to all participants for your support and hope that it was a pleasant and memorable beach event experience for you all. Do continue supporting Surf N Sweat as we seek to bring you new and interesting surprises!

On a side note, these are the results that all of you have been waiting for! Results of the Surf N Run categories can be found below.


Men's Open 5km

Men's Open 10km

Women's Open 5km

Women's Open 10km

Team of 3 Relay (5km)

Men's Doubles Open (5km)

Women's Doubles Open (10km)

Lovers' Challenge (5km)

Men's Institutional Challenge (5km)
Women's Institutional Challenge (5km)

Special Olympics(5km)


Stay tuned for more updates on the Beach games results!



UPDATED! on 13/02/2014

Registration for Surf N Sweat 2014 has officially ended! Thank you to all participants who have registered, see you on the 16th of February 2014 at Siloso Beach, Sentosa! For those who are unable to make it for this year, do hope to see you next year. Surf n Sweat 2014, Let's get wet!


* Participants who have yet to receive confirmation email 2 regarding reporting time and instructions, sorry for the wait. Reporting information will be sent out within these few days, not to worry! Thanks for all your understanding and kind patience.


UPDATED! on 10/02/2014

Rules for all Beach games have been uploaded on our Beach Games page for reference. Click here for the rules and regulations.


In addition, do take note that any changes made to your registration particulars (Change of players/Addition of players/etc) will no longer be entertained. There will be an adminstrative fee of S$10 for any changes made on the day of our event date.


A letter of authorisation is available for participants to download. Any players who wish to be substituted by another person will have to fill in this form and present this letter at the registration booth along with the administrative fee on the 16th of February 2014. Thanks for your understanding. Click here to download and print the letter of authorisation for any substitution of players.


There will be another letter of authorisation for participants who are unable to be present on our event day, 16th February 2014, due to unforeseen circumstances but wish to collect their goodie bag and event singlet. This letter of authorisation permits the proxy to collect these items on behalf of the participant. Proxies without the letter of authorisation will not be entertained under all circumstances. Click here to download and print the letter of authorisation for the collection of goodie bag and event singlet.


Please bring along all necessary document to avoid any disappointment. For further enquiries, please look through our FAQ section or feel free to contact us.



UPDATED! on 08/02/2014

Due to overwhelming responses, we have decided to extend our registration date to the 12th of February, 2359hrs!!! Those of you who wish to hand over manual registration forms in school, do contact our Registration Officers. We have also opened up more slots, so do grab this chance to register your teams in Touch Rugby, Soccer, Dodgeball, Volleyball and Captain's Ball! Check out Surf N Run, our title event as well! Click here to register!


UPDATED! on 08/02/2014

We are extremely excited to annouce the lineup for our bands on set for Surf N Sweat 2014, on the 16th of February! No admission charges, so head on down to Siloso Beach and see us there! Set timings are: 08.45AM - The Fa├žade /11.00AM - The Summer State / 1.15PM - The Sets Band / 2.00PM - Gentle Bones / 3.45PM - Chasing Daylight.

We're also having a guest DJ appearance, from DJ Asym with 2 sets at 11.45AM and 05.15PM. Do check out his demo mix at Soundcloud!


UPDATED! on 04/02/2014

Do take note that Touch Rugby has reached its full capacity, thank you for all of your support! Do sign up for other beach events if you have not done so, do not hesitate any longer in order to avoid any disappointment. Registration can be done online or alternatively, you can choose to mail to us. Click here to register!



UPDATED! on 18/01/2014

Calling out all gig lovers! Surf N Sweat 2014 brings you The Sets Band, The Summer State as well as Gentle Bones headlining our stage segment at Siloso Beach, Sentosa on the 16th of February from 0930am onwards! No admission charges, so grab a beer and head on down for a great day at the beach with good music, good company and lots of hot bodies to ogle over! Set timings to be released at a later date, so keep your eyes peeled!


UPDATED! on 11/01/2014

Great news! Due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to open up extra slots for Captain's Ball! Limited slots are open, so do hurry up and register here!


UPDATED! on 09/01/2014

Do sign up for your desired event(s) as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment!

Captain's ball slots are now fully filled! We can't wait to see you guys on the courts at Siloso Beach! On a sidenote, Beach Handball is left with the last few slots as well, so do SIGN UP NOW, IF YOU HAVEN'T! Thank you for all your support!


UPDATED! on 12/11/2013

Frisbee slots are full! Thank you for all those who have signed up. For others, do sign up for your desired event(s) as soon as possible in order to avoid any disappointment.

Click here for individual categories.

Click here to sign up for team categories.


Surf N Sweat 2014 will be a blast, as it is filled with new and memorable activites that are bound to leave a memorable impression. Watch this space regularly to get the most updated information. Do check out our Facebook page to share and like it!

Registration is now open so do sign up and not miss your chance to participate in our exciting activities! We look forward to seeing you on 16th February 2014 for a wonderful experience.


Surf N Sweat 2014 will be adding a new beach game, Dodgeball and we are confident that it will prove to be another exhilarating facet of the event. With such affordable prices, we are sure that you need no hesitation to sign up. We promise that it will be an unforgettable experience that you will never forget nor regret!